iSecurity Screen for IBM i

Protecting Terminals

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An unattended screen presents a tempting opportunity, even for the most honest employees, to tamper with programs and data that are unavailable to them. Such activity is often considered a harmless prank, but catastrophic damage to mission critical databases could easily result.

Most computer crimes and embezzlements are committed by trusted employees. Normally honest employees can become angry, vengeful or subject to outside pressures.

iSecurity Screen

Provides centralized control over locking unattended terminal screens.

When a terminal is unused for a specified period of time, that terminal is automatically locked and the user must enter a password to release it. Full SIGNOFF occurs if the screen is not released within a predefined period of time.

iSecurity Screen protects unattended terminal screens, including PCs running terminal emulation software, from unauthorized use.

Stops terminal abuse, which is difficult to prevent or detect because the transaction source cannot be easily identified.

Centralized control features allow the system administrator to enforce terminal security policies

Key Features

  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Protection can be enabled or disabled for individual users and specific terminals
  • Screen release password is user defined and may be different from the user’s login password
  • Screen locking and signoff periods may be defined according to variable criteria such as date, time of day or user profile
  • Screen locking periods may be defined globally or for individual users and terminals
  • “One Touch” screen locking for terminals and terminal emulation software with keyboard macro support
  • User-definable screen locking exceptions for specific users or terminals
  • User-definable signoff exceptions based on active jobs
  • “Supervisor” feature allows a designated alternate user to release a locked terminal by entering a password
  • The system administrator can globally change screen release passwords
  • Auto-Dim for PCs using terminal emulation
  • Simple to use by non-technical system administrators
  • Self Lock feature protects confidential data from prying eyes

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