iSecurity User Provisioning for IBM i

On-board Users Quickly

User Provisioning

Creating new users with the same User Profile can be tedious and cause errors. Our solution automates the process.

Large companies often need to on-board hundreds and even thousands of users quickly and efficiently. ISecurity User Provisioning handles this increasingly critical requirement, with pre-defined template wizards and user categories.

iSecurity User Provisioning

iSecurity User Provisioning has been designed as an “open system” that can work with multiple operating systems.

Current version of the product supports IBM i and Linux and is easily expandable to include other operating systems.

iSecurity User Provisioning tool is able to populate user profile definitions based on corporate HR files which are mapped to the IBM i files on a per-field basis.

Automation of processes is the key to deal with errors prone by manually entered information.

Key Features

  • Reduces the number of human errors introduced into the IBM i user profile definitions
  • Well-defined easy-to-implement workflow which ensures painless integration into any company’s user structure
  • Uses Templates to Create New Persons
  • Ability to make Modification to a Template “On the Fly”

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