iSecurity User Replication for IBM i

On-board Users Quickly

User Replication

Sometimes system administrators need to run special tasks to replicate one machine as another. One of those tasks is to replicate a user, with the same username, password, and authority. Replicating users from one machine to another is usually done manually, which leads to error.

Making one user might not be a problem, but what happens when we have to duplicate hundreds of users?

iSecurity User Replication

iSecurity User Replication solves the problem and you can continue managing the new machine in no time.

Our solution brings a simple and effective way to Replicate Users from one machine to another.

Save time and effort with the ability to make a replica of users at a glance thanks to the iSecurity User Replication Tool.

Automating processes is the key to deal with errors caused by manually entered information.

Key Features

  • Designed for System Administrators
  • Simplifies the work of Replicating Users on Different Machines
  • Keep an exact copy of every User that is replicated

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