iSecurity Visualizer for IBM i

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Visualizer ibm i audit

Analyzing millions of log entries can’t be done manually and not many tools in the market are designed to do it on IBM i.

To be able to take action, Management must ensure that security polices and procedures are properly implemented and enforced.  In addition, managers must be able to evaluate and test the effectiveness of these policies on a continuing basis.

Drilling Down into Log Files

iSecurity Visualizer solves that problem and more. It enhances native IBM i auditing by adding several robust new features, providing a user-friendly interface for working with the large, often confusing number of system values and parameters.

It allows IT managers and system administrators to graphically analyze IBM i security related activities instantaneously and without OS/400 technical knowledge.

iSecurity Visualizer is an Eclipse-based product which makes security-related investigation and analysis a snap, even for technologically challenged users.

Totally integrated with our GUI, iSecurity Visualizer shows the Information in a graphical and easy to understand way.

How Does it Work?

Advantages of using iSecurity Visualizer

The user simply clicks to select filters and a 3D pie chart, or similar graphics, appears in moments and shows the exact breakdown by the selected criteria.

  • Exceptionally fast “slice and dice” technology to show graphics
  • Report generator creates statistical reports with rich graphics
  • Automatically associates all significant data elements
  • Easily filter data to “drill down” into log files
  • Set up multiple filter criteria and reuse as necessary
  • Operates with other iSecurity products and with any SQL table

iSecurity Visualizer integrates with every product on the iSecurity Suite

Special functionality has been added to Visualizer to assist in visually analyzing User Profile attributes instantaneously!

  • Visualizer interfaces to iSecurity products such as Audit, Firewall, AP-Journal and FileScope to help in finding the “needle in the haystack” when investigating possible security breaches or other critical system activity.
  • This feature is especially useful to System Administrators and Help Desk personnel in managing and monitoring User Profile passwords, status, authorities and more.

Key Features

  • Extract the information you need for cross-correlation data analysis, comparison and investigation
  • Replaces time-consuming and error-prone batch job executions
  • Extract log data fitting your specific needs instantaneously
  • Graphical representation of security-related activities
  • Quickly analyze and monitor important User Profile information such as passwords, disabled/enabled status, User Class, special authorities, etc.

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