iSecurity Antivirus & Object Integrity Validation

Advanced Threat Protection for IBM i

Software Version: 07.66

About this Manual

This user guide is intended for system administrators and security administrators responsible for the implementation and management of security on IBM i systems. However, any user with basic knowledge of IBM i operations will be able to make full use of this product after reading this book.

Raz-Lee takes customer satisfaction seriously. Our products are designed for ease of use by personnel at all skill levels, especially those with minimal IBM i experience. The documentation package includes a variety of materials to get you familiar with this software quickly and effectively.

This user guide, together with the iSecurity Installation Guide, is the only printed documentation necessary for understanding this product. It is available in HTML form as well as in user-friendly PDF format, which may be displayed or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or higher. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from the Adobe website: You can also read and print pages from the manual using any modern web browser.

This manual contains concise explanations of the various product features as well as step-by-step instructions for using and configuring the product.

Raz-Lee’s iSecurity is an integrated, state-of-the-art security solution for all System i servers, providing cutting-edge tools for managing all aspects of network access, data, and audit security. Its individual components work together transparently, providing comprehensive “out-of-the- box” security. To learn more about the iSecurity Suite, visit our website at

Intended Audience

The AntivirusUser Guide document was developed for users, system administrators and security administrators responsible for the implementation and management of security on IBM® AS/400 systems. However, any user with a basic knowledge of System i operations is able to make full use of this document following study of this User Guide.

NOTE: Deviations from IBM® standards are employed in certain circumstances in order to enhance clarity or when standard IBM® terminology conflicts with generally accepted industry conventions.

This document may also serve for new versions' upgrade approval by management.

Native IBM i (OS/400) User Interface

Antivirus is designed to be a user-friendly product for auditors, managers, security personnel and system administrators. The user interface follows standard IBM i CUA conventions. All product features are available via the menus, so you are never required to memorize arcane commands.

Many features are also accessible via the command line, for the convenience of experienced users.

Conventions Used in the Document

Menu options, field names, and function key names are written in Courier New Bold.

Links (internal or external) are emphasized with underline and blue color as follows: About this Manual.

Commands and system messages of IBM i® (OS/400®), are written in Bold Italic.

Key combinations are in Bold and separated by a dash, for example: Enter, Shift-Tab.

Emphasis is written in Bold.

A sequence of operations entered via the keyboard is marked as

STRAV > 81 > 32

meaning: Syslog definitions activated by typing STRAVand selecting option: 81 then option: 32.


Product menus allow easy access to all features with a minimum of keystrokes. Menu option numbering and terminology is consistent throughout this product and with other Raz-Lee products. To select a menu option, simply type the option number and press Enter. The command line is available from nearly all product menus. If the command line does not appear (and your user profile allows use of the command line), press F10 to display it.

Data Entry Screens

Data entry screens include many convenient features such as:

  • Pop-up selection windows
  • Convenient option prompts
  • Easy-to-read descriptions and explanatory text for all parameters and options
  • Search and filtering with generic text support

The following describes the different data entry screens.

  • To enter data in a field, type the desired text and then press Enter or Field Exit
  • To move from one field to another without changing the contents press Tab
  • To view options for a data field together with an explanation, press F4
  • To accept the data displayed on the screen and continue, press Enter

The following function keys may appear on data entry screens.

  • F1: Help Display context-sensitive help
  • F3: Exit End the current task and return to the screen or menu from which the task was initiated
  • F4: Prompt Display a list of valid options for the current field or command. For certain data items, a pop-up selection window appears
  • F6: Add New Create a new record or data item
  • F8: Print Print the current report or data item
  • F9: Retrieve Retrieve the previously-entered command
  • F12: Cancel Return to the previous screen or menu without updating

Legal Notice

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