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  • In STRPSWRST>11P‐R Classes, there are textual modifications.
  • For enhanced security, verification code now allows splitting the message into two: Verification method...0 0=None,1=Once,2=Split(Email+Cell) If 2=Split option is selected, half of the code is sent by mail and the other half by cellular text message.
  • New command (CHGPRINF) enables end‐users to enter their personal attributes and private questions and replaces the previous CHGPRQST command. The new command can also be used for updating existing personal attributes.
  • In option 81>51 a new parameter was added: Allow self entry of ID info . . A Q=Questions, A=All(Pers.+Quest.), N=No
  • In STRPSWRST>1Work with Persons, following the selecting of 7=Questions, press the F5=Display/Hide key to Show/Hide the Answer.
  • In STRPSWRST>64Copy HR Data to Persons File, *clear = the Password Reset disposable user files are cleared.
  • Personal Questions can now appear in random sequence for added security. Two random sequence questions are displayed, and then when implementing password reset an additional random question is displayed.
  • Password Reset random questions were added and additional updates are described in Password Reset section.