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Automatic IBM i Password Authorization that Does Not Compromise Security


iSecurity Password Reset automates the resetting of end-user’s password for IBM i while providing self-reliant features and functions. iSecurity Password Reset allows users to verify themselves on the basis of personal questions whose answers only they know.

This unique and reliable solution allows help desk to automatically assist users, without compromising security or efficiency of procedures.

iSecurity Password Reset Key Features

  • Simple to use tool that enables an automated self-authentication process
  • Always available for users regardless of time of day
  • Allows for different verification policies for different groups of users
IBM i Self-Service Password Reset
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One of the biggest time- and money!- wasters for any organization is resetting user’s passwords. Numerous surveys suggest that the time lost for this activity is up to 40 minutes for each password, and that as many as 50% of the help desk calls are for password resets.

Organizations addressing the sensitive issue of how to best manage IBM i user passwords can now empower their users to reset their own passwords with minimal effort or exposure. Password Reset, part of the iSecurity suite, allows users to change their passwords on the basis of personal questions whose answers only they know.

This unique and reliable solution allows a help desk to automatically assist users without compromising either security or the efficiency of procedures.

Password Reset is simple to use and administer by all relevant personnel: users, system administrators, and help desk staff. It enables an enterprise to introduce first time use of a straightforward password control mechanism into the organization with minimum overhead, while ensuring that a user’s password is not known to anyone except the user.

After a user creates a password profile for self-authentication, which can be edited at any time, the user can reset the password alone or request assistance from the help desk. In the event that a user has forgotten a password when trying to login, the user simply enters FORGOT in the User field and PASSWORD in the Password field, either on the iSecurity login screen or in a special web interface. This triggers the self-authentication process that the user set up in advance – personal questions and responses that are also case sensitive.

Each company can control the type and number of challenge questions asked as well as the number of reset attempts allowed, each based on the organization’s security policies. Unsuccessful attempts to reset passwords trigger automatic notification to the relevant security personnel. Challenge questions discourage fraudulent reset requests and users can set their own default reset password—known only to themselves—which adds another layer of security!

Resetting user passwords can now be resolved in minutes and without the help desk, saving the company both valuable time and resources.

  • Integrates with other iSecurity products

    Password Reset can be added with minimum effort to your iSecurity solutions, providing all the benefits of a full audit trail, triggered actions, and so on.  

    Password templates

    Users can be assigned to a specific password template, ensuring that all users who need the same type of access have the same level of password security.  

    Password generation

    The passwords generated comply with your organization’s password policy.

    Password Reset classes

    Password Reset classes support different verification policies for different groups of users.


    Different languages can be defined for different user’s questions.

    Always available

    Password Reset is always available for your users, even during non-standard working hours (late nights, weekends, and so on), in both native and web formats. 


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