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iSecurity Password Reset for IBM i

Password Self-Service

Password Reset without Compromising Security


iSecurity Password Reset enables end-users to use their mobile device, PC or 5250 to reset their passwords themselves without needing the helpdesk. With all the personal information available in Facebook. LinkedIn, and unofficial web resources, private questions are not as safe as they once were. 

Secured by three levels of authentication -- personal identification, verification by intermediate one-time code, and only then personal questions -- the product provides extended levels of security. The solution allows resetting passwords on a 24/7 basis, in the user’s preferred language. The outcome is a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP), providing users with a limited time window to set their own passwords. 

Raz-Lee Password Reset, part of the iSecurity suite, is a unique product, designed on the principle that restoring sensitive information such as passwords without disclosure of verification questions entered by the user is more secure than any other solution against hackers.

iSecurity Password Reset Key Features

  • Self-guided or assisted authentication process
  • User self-enrolment by web or green interface
  • Web-based password change comes as part of the product
  • Multiple languages with auto-selection as per the requesting user
  • Different verification policies for different groups of users such as agents and managers
  • Reduces password reset requests to the helpdesk by more than 90%, even in times of emergency
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