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Raz-Lee Security Announces Security Investigator

GDPR, PCI and General Inspection of IBM i Security

Nanuet, New York May 13, 2018 – Raz-Lee Security Inc announces the release of Security Investigator Suite, a solution comprised of Data Discovery, Assessment, and Authority Inspector:

  • Data Discovery reveals the location of sensitive data.
  • Assessment identifies general security risks to your system.
  • Authority Inspector provides insight on excessive user authority.

Together, they deliver a comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities within an organization.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery for GDPR and PCI is a solution that provides organizations a clear and accurate view of where regulated and sensitive data resides within their organization’s IBM i. Data Discovery is a unique solution that scans for specific data in your database. Data Discovery is powered by a Windows-based, user-friendly wizard, that allows users to define the search characteristics of sensitive fields that need to be pinpointed. It then scans IBM i data on the defined system to reveal the location and quantity of the sensitive data. The results are then presented in a report to allow organizations to assess and implement necessary policies to help mitigate risk associated with the retention of this type of data. Data Discovery reduces IT staffing costs associated with manual detection of regulated and sensitive data on the IBM i and allows organization to estimate the scope of compliance projects.


Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of the full scope of the IBM i server security strengths and weaknesses, isolating the security risks which should be addressed. Assessment evaluates security-related areas such as: Network protection, Auditing of system and user activities, User Sign-On attributes, ensuring complexity level of passwords and others, and provides suggestions for the proper setting of each item evaluated. Assessment was designed and inspected by experienced security professionals with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of IBM i security.

Authority Inspector

Authority Inspector assists organizations to minimize threats posed by excessive authority used by applications at run-time. Authority Inspector helps system administrators understand the data accumulated by IBM’s Authority Collection by presenting the data in in tables and graphs that make it easy to identifies the source of the authority defined for users and objects, or the minimum level of authority needed for object access.

Raz-Lee’s new iSecurity Security Investigator Suite is a user-friendly, agentless, Windows-based solution that connects to the IBM i in order to obtain the necessary data required to pinpoint the location of sensitive data, analyze user authorizations and security strengths and weaknesses without additional footprints. Critical data never leaves the IBM i.

The limited version of Security Investigator Suite is now available for a free trial. The full version can be obtained by purchasing a license or an external audit service from one of our certified business partners.


Security Investigator

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