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iSecurity User Provisioning for IBM i

On-board Users Quickly

Supports corporate HR files as the basis for quickly on-boarding users!


iSecurity User Provisioning was developed to answer the increasingly critical requirement of very large and mid-large companies to quickly and efficiently on-board hundreds and even thousands of users in accordance with pre-defined template wizards and user categories.

iSecurity User Provisioning has been designed as an “open system” that can work with multiple operating systems; the current version of the product supports IBM i and Linux and is easily expandable to include other operating systems.

The product can populate user profile definitions based on corporate HR files which are mapped to the IBM i files on a per-field basis.

iSecurity User Provisioning Key Features

  • Reduces the number of human errors introduced into the IBM i user profile definitions
  • Well-defined easy-to-implement workflow which ensures painless integration into any company’s user structure.
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