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September 2022

Using MFA to Secure Sign On for IBM i

We will discuss the dangers of Social engineering and its prevention including Password brute-force attacks and its prevention and the benefits of enabling Multi Factor Authentication at IBM i with Razlee iSecuirity MFA

Date: Sep 5, 2022

Zero Trust and Encryption at IBM i

What are the Core Principles of the Zero Trust Model? we will talk about the stages of implementing Zero Trust and how Data Encryption is the First Step with the help of Razlee iSecurity Field Encryption & PGP Encryption

Date: Sep 6, 2022

Surviving a Combined Attack

Know why and about what are we protecting your IBM i from? we will speak about the combined attack techniques and ransomware types, but more important how to stay safe thanks to software like Razlee iSecurity Antivirus & Anti-Ransomware

Date: Sep 7, 2022

Zero Trust and Exit Points at IBM i

Zero Trust principles, concept and misconception, we will speak in detail about the exit points at IBM i and how to fix this security issue with Razlee iSecurity MFA & Firewall

Date: Sep 12, 2022

Zero-Day Attack Prevention

Zero Day ant its real meaning, how to be ready for this kind of security breach? this webinar focuses on prevention using tools from Razlee (Anti-Ransomware + MFA + Firewall) making a Zero Day attack stop as soon as it begins.

Date: Sep 13, 2022

Data Loss Prevention DLP over IBM i

DLP (Data Loss Prevention), its relation with compliance and how to enabling policies and procedures with Razlee iSecurity Audit

Date: Sep 14, 2022