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Comprehensive Cyber, Security, Compliance & Auditing Solutions for IBM i

Raz-Lee has created a suite of solutions for IBM i servers that help companies meet auditing, regulatory, and company security policy requirements as well as business intelligence tools for analyzing data and presenting actionable information. In addition, there are useful tools for developers that optimize quality, reliability and ease of use.

Cyber & Security for IBM i

az-Lee has developed cyber and security solutions to help you defend and protect your company against external and internal threats by controlling the access, management, and monitoring of security on the IBM i.
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Compliance & Regulations

Raz-Lee’s iSecurity solutions assist IBM i companies in attaining maximum regulatory compliance providing ready-made tools tailored to meet regulatory requirements.
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Auditing & Monitoring for IBM i

Raz-Lee has developed best in class auditing and monitoring solutions that help companies meet their IBM i auditing requirements and best secure their business-critical databases.
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Evaluation, Reporting & Alerts

Raz-Lee has developed several evaluation, reporting and alert solutions for assessing security risks, analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate ..
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Database Tools

Raz-Lee is recognized as an industry leader in IBM i productivity tools, optimizing quality, reliability and ease of use.
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