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Cyber & Security Solutions for IBM i

IBM i Cyber and Security Solutions

Raz-Lee has developed security solutions for IBM i servers (AS/400) to help you defend and protect your company against external and internal threats by controlling the access, management, and monitoring of security on the IBM i.

Raz-Lee’s iSecurity cyber and security threat prevention solutions provide complete end-to-end Intrusion Detection and Prevention for the IBM i.  The iSecurity suite of products helps companies meet their IBM i security and regulatory requirements by providing best-in-class Exit Point Monitoring Integration, Anti-Virus protection of the IFS for malware as well as command line access security.

Each module in our comprehensive security solutions for IBM i is designed to work independently or collectively to secure remote access, control user authorities, prevent viruses, and secure objects.


Market Need for iSecurity​

The IBM i is often considered a secure operating system. Because of this assumption, system security is often overlooked, leaving valuable company data vulnerable to breach and exposure. Professional information security solutions for IBM i have become a must-have factor in the survival of any company in today’s marketplace.

IBM i’s integrated security does not provide a satisfactory security solution – it only includes a security infrastructure, leaving it to professional security solutions such as iSecurity to turn this infrastructure into a manageable and beneficial tool for managers and auditors.

Regulation Compliance

In today’s market, corporate scandals have generated high regulatory involvement by the government, and new laws are being continually enacted to enhance the quality of corporate reporting. New government regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), GDPR, HIPAA and PCI have significantly impacted business and various other industries, presenting serious challenges to enterprises. Accordingly, the importance of auditing is increasingly mounting, especially in the financial and healthcare industries, in both public and private enterprises.

Internal Hazards

Studies have shown that the most significant threat to an organization’s information systems comes from inside the organization. Large companies worldwide are now concerned with protecting business-critical information from unauthorized use by company personnel. Consequentially, control and follow-up on user access has become a necessity.

For a BBC article on a high-profile insider attack at Sumitomo London Bank, see “The Enemy Within”

Cyber Attacks and Hacking

IBM i servers are subject to a wide range of risks as a direct result of operating in an open TCP/IP environment. Many activities that were previously impossible in the closed AS/400 environment are now easily carried out remotely, such as initiating commands, installing or activating programs, updating or erasing data, and moving or copying files to and from IBM i servers.

The IBM i is no longer an isolated system.

Raz-Lee's IBM i Cyber & Security Products