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Complete Solutions for IBM i Servers

Raz-Lee Security is the leader in security and compliance solutions that guard business-critical information on IBM i servers. We are committed to providing the best and most comprehensive solutions for compliance, auditing, and protection from threats and ransomware. We have developed cutting-edge solutions that have revolutionized analysis and fortification of IBM i servers.

Raz-Lee’s flagship iSecurity suite of products is comprised of solutions that help your company safeguard and monitor valuable information assets against intrusions. Our state-of-the-art products protect your files and databases from both theft and extortion attacks. Our technology provides visibility into how users access data and applications, and uses sophisticated user tracking and classification to detect and block cyberattacks, unauthorized users and malicious insiders.

With over 30 years of exclusive IBM i security focus, Raz-Lee has achieved outstanding development capabilities and expertise.We work hard to help your company achieve the highest security and regulatory compliance.