SOX-compliant Technical Support Tool for IBM i

WideScope allows Help Desk and support staff to efficiently provide technical guidance to users anywhere, from a single terminal…and remain SOX-compliant! In a fraction of a second, WideScope can reproduce the contents of any user’s screen (emulation or TWINAX) on the Help Desk or support staff’s terminal, up to the last keystroke, even before the Enter key has been pressed. Commands entered at the support staff’s terminal can run in the user’s job, or manipulate objects in the user’s QTEMP library. Furthermore, WideScope eases debugging and problem determination: While each user can access QTEMP, WideScope allows the support staff to create, work with, or copy objects in this temporary space. This is very important since remote debugging of “frozen” applications requires that a remote user enter a command which will be executed at the problematic terminal. WideScope assists in attaining SOX compliance as all interactions between support personnel and users are recorded in the product’s Activity Log, which differentiates between the Help Desk’s transactions and User transactions. In addition, viewing sessions and actually running commands in the user’s session can be performed based upon pre-approval by the Product Administrator. WideScope allows for controlling a user’s session for 5-minute periods.